sex therapy encino

These days, many couples find it hard to fit sex into their busy schedules. And it’s perfectly normal for people to go through periods when they’re just not in the mood for lovemaking.

But if you chronically lack desire for sex — for emotional or physical reasons — you may want to consider sex therapy. Seeking treatment for sex problems has become more socially acceptable today, but it’s still not easy for many people to talk to a professional about such an intimate area.

Sex therapy generally address the emotional issues underlying sexual problems and employs behavioral techniques to deal with the physical symptoms.

I’m mature. Been there myself. Experienced. Easy to talk to.  I’ve studied with cutting edge experts in couples and sex therapy, Tantric sex, mindfulness and integrative medicine. I have a deep toolkit and customize treatment to your needs.

I’m a certified couples and sex therapist trained and supervised by Walter Bracklemans MD, originator of Inter-analytic Couples Therapy and  founder of the American Association of Couples and Sex Therapists (AACAST).

I’m also a workshop leader and run groups for men and women dealing with sexuality. I treat a wide  range of sexual issues across the lifespan including the “sexless marriage.” Some of the sexual issues that I can help with are:



Most sex therapists will also advise you to see a doctor, particularly if your problem is physical in nature. A gynecologist or urologist can detect difficulties due to illness, aging, or metabolic and hormonal imbalances. Prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs, alcohol, and smoking can all affect sexual functioning.

My psychotherapy Encino office is currently still closed but I offer Telehealth/online appointments. If you are interested in booking a 15-min phone consultation, please call me at (818) 754-8277 or contact me here.