When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. Forces beyond your control can take away everything you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation. ― Viktor E. Frankl

When we are in chronic illness or pain that persists, it is difficult to stay present to the larger totality of our lives.  Sometimes it seems that the pain just won’t let go and let us be.  It can challenge our self image and the way we know ourselves to be.  It’s a struggle not to get on the “pity pot” and not to envy people who are healthy and free while we feel trapped in discomfort and the prison of our situation.  Pain and illness are not sexy!

Buddhist wisdom says, “That we will get old , sick and die is certain.  The time is uncertain, now what do I do.” From this perspective, pain is inevitable.  But we can learn ways not to “suffer.” I can offer you ways to skillfully manage the pain of illness and aging. I practice and teach Mindfulness and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy.  I’ve studied with world leaders in Mindfulness, Mind-Body Psychology,  and Integrative Therapy (Yoga therapy, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Energy Psychology.) I’ve helped myself and others to cultivate well-being and aliveness.  I’d like to help you, too. Brain Neuroscience has proved that Mindfulness can help  relieve stress,  pain and the effects of chronic illness.

According to Jon Kabat-Zinn, PH.D., one of the first to bring Mindfulness to hospitals throughout the world to manage chronic illness and pain, “Mindfulness is simply awareness that comes from systematically paying attention on purpose in the the present moment, without judgment, to your body sensations, thoughts and feelings that you are experiencing in any moment.”By opening an awareness of how things actually are in the present moment, we often taste very deep states of relaxation and well-being, both of body and mind, even in the face of extraordinary difficulties. Many people say, “I don’t know what I would have done without this practice,” referring to every conceivable difficulty and anguish we are apt to face as human beings at some point or other in our lives, often when we least expect it.

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