mindfulness therapyI practice and teach Mindfulness and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). I’ve studied with world leaders in Mindfulness therapy and MBSR, Mind-Body Psychology,  and Integrative Therapy (Yoga therapy, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Energy Psychology.) I’ve helped myself and others to cultivate wellbeing and aliveness.  I’d like to help you, too.

Mindfulness Therapy & Training is in the forefront of medical care and is proven to be useful for self-regulation, pain management and healing. Since 1973, I have been a mindfulness practitioner and integrate meditation and mind-body awareness in my practice. I regularly attend silent mediation retreats at Spirit Rock  founded by Jack Kornfield, a global leader and teacher of Mindfulness and Buddhist psychology.

According to Jon Kaba-Zinn, PH.D., one of the first to bring Mindfulness to institute Mindfulness in hospitals throughout the world to manage pain and chronic illness, “Mindfulness is simply awareness that comes from systematically paying attention on purpose in the the present moment. Non-judgmentally to this very moment in which you are alive. However it is for you–pleasant, difficult, or not even on the radar screen–to your body sensations, thoughts, feelings that you are experiencing in any moment.”

By opening an awareness of how things actually are in the present moment, we often taste very deep states of relaxation and well-being, both of body and mind, even in the face of extraordinary difficulties. Many people say, “I don’t know what I would have done without this practice,” referring to every conceivable difficulty and anguish we are apt to face as human beings at some point or other in our lives, often when we least expect it.

I create a serene, comfortable, healing environment in my Encino office where you can learn how to relax and promote self-healing.

Please call me for a consultation where we can discuss your situation and explore what it might be like to work together.

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